Monday, January 20, 2014

Confessions of a Wingnut and Science Fiction Junkie (RJ Palmer): There Is No Hell

Confessions of a Wingnut and Science Fiction Junkie (RJ Palmer): There Is No Hell: There is something that’s been on my mind for longer than I care to think about and that usually means that I need to write it out. It’s p...

Friday, December 6, 2013

Migration of Printers From Old Print Server to New Print Server

This script will move all printers that are mapped to an old print server and re-map them to the new print server. The script will also transfer the default printer (if one exists and is pointed to the old print server). This script is also silent and will delete itself when it is completed. I have tried many of the scripts that I found listed on here and this is the only one I have been able to get to work on our network. It made transitioning 119 printers and more than a thousand users a bit easier. If you want to see the script work, you can see wscript.exe running in task manager. You can also open Devices and Printers and watch the changes. ' put in the server names here (keep the quotes!) MovePrinters "Old Server", "New Server" ' ********************************************* ' Move printers to new server ' ********************************************* Sub MovePrinters(OldServer, NewServer) ' Loops through all network printers and moves all printers ' on "OldServer" to the same printername on "NewServer". dim WshNetwork, oPrinters, i, PrinterPath, DefaultPrinter, PrinterList Set WshNetwork = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Network") Set PrinterList = CreateObject("Scripting.Dictionary") ' Get the default printer before we start deleting: DefaultPrinter = GetDefaultPrinter ' Get a list of printers to work with: ' (We cannot modify the collection while looping through it) Set oPrinters = WshNetwork.EnumPrinterConnections For i = 1 to oPrinters.Count Step 2 PrinterList.Add oPrinters.Item(i), "x" Next ' i ' Loop through the printer list and migrate mathching ones: For Each PrinterPath In PrinterList.Keys If StrComp(ServerName(PrinterPath), OldServer, 1) = 0 Then WshNetwork.RemovePrinterConnection PrinterPath, True, True On Error Resume next WshNetwork.AddWindowsPrinterConnection "\\" & NewServer & "\" & _ ShareName(PrinterPath) If Err.Number = 0 Then Set objFile = wscript.CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject") If Not objFile.FolderExists("c:\printers_remapped") Then objFile.CreateFolder "c:\printers_remapped" objFile.Close End If End If 'If Err.Number = -2147023095 Then ' MsgBox "The printer """ & ShareName(PrinterPath) & _ ' """ does not exist on server """ & NewServer & """." & vbCrLf & _ ' "The printer has been removed.", vbOKonly + vbExclamation, _ ' "Missing printer" 'End If On Error goto 0 End If Next 'Set the default printer: If ServerName(DefaultPrinter) = OldServer Then On Error Resume Next WshNetwork.SetDefaultPrinter "\\" & NewServer & "\" & _ ShareName(DefaultPrinter) 'If Err.Number = -2147352567 Then 'MsgBox "Your default printer did not exist, and has been deleted.", _ ' vbOKonly + vbInformation, "Invalid default printer" 'End If On Error goto 0 End If End Sub ' MovePrinters Function GetDefaultPrinter() ' Returns the UNC path to the current default printer Dim oShell, sRegVal, sDefault Set oShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell") sRegVal = _ "HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows\Device" sDefault = "" On Error Resume Next sDefault = oShell.RegRead(sRegVal) sDefault = Left(sDefault ,InStr(sDefault, ",") - 1) On Error Goto 0 GetDefaultPrinter = sDefault End Function Function ServerName(sPrinterPath) Dim aPrinterPath ServerName = "" If Left(sPrinterPath, 2) = "\\" Then aPrinterPath = Split(sPrinterPath, "\") ServerName = aPrinterPath(2) End If End Function Function ShareName(sPrinterPath) Dim aPrinterPath ShareName = "" If Left(sPrinterPath, 2) = "\\" Then aPrinterPath = Split(sPrinterPath, "\") ShareName = aPrinterPath(3) End If End Function discardScript() Function discardScript() Set objFSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject") strScript = Wscript.ScriptFullName objFSO.DeleteFile(strScript) End Function '--------------------8<----------------------

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

An Insight To The Nikon Coolpix S4000

Human beings are provided with the unique capabilities of capturing positive and negative emotions. Capturing any type of emotions is something one desires to capture forever. The Nikon Coolpix S4000 is an amazing device that enables you to revive the memories with power packed and user friendly features. Nikon has launched not heavy point and shoot product that comes with touch screen HVGA display. Today everything in life is achieved by only a few clicks. Therefore, even your camera should provide the same results. The camera enables you to auto focus by a simple touch to the screen, click a photograph, and editing them using your creativity. The HVGS display is very sensitive and captures minutest details while being durable enabling you to travel anywhere with it. While traveling, attending sporting events or hanging out with friends, you never know what's around the corner. The 4x Wide-angle Zoom-NIKKOR Glass Lens enables you to capture the events from any distance. Having a point and shoot camera are lightweight and slim. So wherever your adventures take you, keep this camera conveniently in your pocket. At 4.3 ounces you will hardly know you are traveling with it. You may not be satisfied by simply viewing the events. Using the HD video functionality, you can shoot videos using the HD memory. Capturing videos can be done using different modes, which include HD 1280X720 pixel 24fps, small sized 320X 240 pixels with 30fps, and standard mode of 640 X 480 pixels and 30 fps. The format used is the movie file format namely the AVI Motion JPEG conforming. You may print the photographs in any manner. Using your artistic styles, you can publish on a web site or print photos in any size. You must consider the size of the print while choosing to print your pictures. Generally, other cameras provide a diminished output when they blow the photograph in poster size. However, with this device you can extend the capabilities of printing your photographs. Using 12.39 million pixels you can acquire sharp prints of any size. The pot holes on the roads commonly distort the quality of the pictures you can click while driving on dirt roads. However, the company includes the new vibration reduction technology. This technology is common is the fixed lens D-SLR high end cameras manufactured by the company. You will never miss a shot. Batteries will always be charged. I recall several incidents when Ii forgot charging the camera and could not use it because batteries were dead. Oh hell! However, this new device comes with chargeable batteries. You can take long trips or use it even if you could not charge it. You can invest in a back up set of batteries. Every full charge allows you to click approximately two hundred photographs. However, the battery life reduces if you edit or play the pictures on your camera. Advantages 12.39 ml pixels. High Definition Video Touch screen display Hi-Speed USB Upload 4.7 ounces along with battery and memory card Conclusion, it's a good compact point and shoot camera for sub $200. The camera has powerful features for an affordable price. It will be great on vacations or for kids to practice photography. If you are looking for a camera to bridge the gap between point/shoot cameras and D-SLR, consider Nikon Coolpix P80 .Hope you have enjoyed and founds this page useful

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Why Audience Response Systems Are Used

Nowadays, presenters utilize audience response systems in creating interactivity with the audience. For the interaction to take place, wireless hardware and a presentation software are used by the viewers. Remote viewers can also interact or communicate with the presenter through the internet or telephones if they want to take part. These systems are needed for various purposes at present. Different industries and organizations use them for various applications. Examples of such applications are conferences and events, delegate voting, game shows, market research, education, and many others. It is easier to finish certain processes using these tools. For this process to take place, the presenter uses a computer and video projector to show a subject or presentation for the viewers to see. This could be multiple choice questions, true or false questions, voting, or numerical answers. The presentation slide is built with response software so that people can send in their answers. Data coming in through the software can be collected anonymously as in the case of voting. This keeps the identity of the participants private. On the other hand, data can also be traced to each participant. This is required if tracking is needed for the participants such as exams and homework. There are many benefits that this innovation can offer. For one, this can improve attentiveness of students in class. Many have also claimed that this tool increases their knowledge retention. With this tool, polls can be processed anonymously preventing exposure of participants. Results from the poll can be displayed very shortly. Dial testing is a process which is used to discover more about the viewers or participants. This is typically used in market research so that businesses can know their customers a bit more. Nowadays, this is also used to conduct different researches effectively. Video and other forms of media can be tested with this. Perception analyzer is one example of a platform used in online surveys. This is needed to get online feedback about some research materials such as videos. Researchers working on certain studies would require this tool to collect data effectively. In some cases, this is combined with analytic tools for more efficient tasks and accurate results. Audience response systems have indeed benefited several areas. Its use has made things a lot easier in such fields. For companies and researchers, data collection is much easier and faster with these tools. Data can be analyzed effectively and results can be shown in a short period of time.

Monday, April 1, 2013

laptop backpacks

Every pupil wants to have a knapsack that both features for their needs and looks awesome. Back in the old days, an easy leather belt had be enough for holding most students' books, however during these contemporary times children desire backpacks that are comfy, clever, and cool. Knapsack technology has improved rather a bit of the past years or 2. Initially backpacks were just developed for carrying books and school materials. They utilized to be huge, large and unsightly, but they served their function. It had not been till analytical proof disclosed that backpacks were triggering numerous kids to have chronic back issues that comfort became a concern. Now nonetheless, knapsacks are made to be comfortable and minimize as much tension to the back as possible. Convenience could be a substantial bargain to backpack design teams all over the world, however kids are children and they still simply desire a backpack that looks cool. It is possible to get your children a cool looking knapsack without breaking your budget. Prior to you take your child school shopping, ensure he / she comprehends that you have a particular spending plan that they should follow. Trademark name, are frequently more expensive and do not yield much better quality when it comes to knapsacks. You can discover a cool knapsack that is simply as great as a trademark name for far less cash. If you are short on funds attempt buying at shops like Ross, or Kohl's. These shops commonly hold the same knapsack stock as other stores such as Wal-Mart, or Target for a less costly cost. There are 4 things to take note of when choosing a cool backpack. They are: space, functions, convenience, and quality. Space is important when picking a backpack, since there is no point in possessing a knapsack if your child can not fit his/her books inside. To confirm that the backpack your kid has their eye on has enough area, simply bring a school book to the store with you and see if it fits within. Functions or utilities must likewise play a vital role when picking a cool knapsack to buy. Knapsacks frequently have many extra functions such as, pen and pencil holding pouches, areas for a notebook, if your child has one and so on. It is these added features that actually make a cool backpack attract attention. Quality is perhaps the most important factor to observe if you do not want to purchase multiple backpacks throughout the academic year. Make certain to select a knapsack that is constructed of high quality material, so it doesn't fall apart while in use. Last but not least is convenience. Your child ought to at least be comfortable while lugging around 25 lbs. worth of books and school supplies. Attempt to choose a pack that fits the shape of your child's upper body, this will provide maximum support and convenience. Every children wants a cool knapsack, however there is even more to simply that. Area, quality, convenience, and attributes ought to all evaluate heavy on your choice making process prior to purchasing a cool knapsack.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

What is Google Adsense and How Does it Work?

By Thomas Rider Those who're internet savvy can keep in mind that in terms of online advertising there are a variety of aspects that need to become considered. For example, in terms of gaining a large amount of publicity, this can be the easiest method to get a brand available. One of the countless ways in which you will get a large amount of publicity is via google adsense. The latter is an ad serving application which is utilized by Google Inc. What this will is that it offers website owners allow text, picture, and video advertisements on their very own personal websites. You see, these advertisements are managed by Google and produce revenue in two different ways, 1) on either a per-click or 2) per-impression basis. Moreover, what also needs to be considered is that google adsense is something that is related to affiliate marketing. One of the main reasons why google adsense has done well is due to the fact that their advertisements are less intrusive that web banners. Moreover, these particular ads offered by google adsense are relevant to the content present on the website and therefore cannot be regarded as being out of place or annoying. Yet the success of google adsense can be further explained thanks to the fact that it is somewhat of a savior for most small-time businesses that do not have a lot of resources. For most companies that are not able to produce their own advertisement material, google adsense has helped them gain a great deal of exposure. As shown throughout, there are many advantages with regard to google adsense. Moreover, what you also need to understand is the fact that this type of advertising is rather helpful when it comes to websites that are content rich or content heavy. Overall, you'll be able to find 1000s of sites that have discovered achievement with google adsense. It is not tough to believe the achievements this medium, which is often expressed through the first quarter revenue of US$2.04billion, earned by Goggle. This by itself teaches you the achievements adsense and what sort of achievement it would have directed at those who have used it for advertising efforts. To be able to realize much far more about this subject, it would sound right to research a tiny far more involved with it and gauge in case your competitors are choosing the identical kind of method. After you have made a choice to use adsense, make sure that you are aware of the countless rules and regulations that need to become employed. Furthermore, it need to also be said that there are some things like click fraud and malware that need to become considered along with the use of adsense.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

VoIP Plans And Their Uses In Homes And Businesses

By Rorie K. Mangdonald Many individuals are switching their phone services over to voice over IP, and VoIP plans are available for both residential and business purposes. Rather than employing traditional phone lines to send and get calls, voice over IP is a phone service that uses an internet connection. This type of phone service is what many individuals and businesses are choosing due to its low cost, easy-to-use equipment and many calling features. Many VoIP plans are a lot cheaper than those for traditional phones. These plans usually offer national and international long distance calling for a free or for a low price. Residents can keep their existing phone numbers, and companies will have the choice to port their toll-free numbers to the new service if they choose. Some companies may also offer a free high speed Internet connection with the service because a high quality connection is needed for optimal service. The price is lower overall because the plans have so many different features available. The VoIP plans can usually work with the telephone equipment that is already being utilized in a home or office. There is no need for specialized phones, and regular telephones may be used with this service to make and receive phone calls. Calls can be made as long as a high speed modem and web connection is available. There is no need to set up new phone lines or a number of phone lines to handle all of the calls needed for a business. All calls are transmitted through the computer or system, so there is also no need for switchboard operators. Another thing that makes this type of service easy to use is that it only needs a high speed internet connection to work, so it can be moved to any location. Traditional phones and voice over IP phones have many of the same features available to them. Included in the base price of several plans are features such as caller ID, call waiting, call forwarding, and voicemail. Extensions, call transfers, and faxing are other features that these types of phones can manage. With respect to the plan that a person or company chooses, more options may be available. VoIP plans and services are being chosen over traditional phones because they are not as costly and can be easier to use. For one low price, homes and business phone systems can access several different features which include voicemail, caller ID, and call waiting. The plans can also accommodate features like faxing, long distance calls, and extensions.