Friday, March 22, 2013

Cell Phone Security Tips For Smartphones

In a little over 2 decades both the technology and features available in mobile phones has come a long, long way from the earliest models. It was only a few short years ago that your average mobile phone weighed as much as a brick and if you were lucky you'd be able to send text messages or make calls with it whereas modern smartphones are as powerful as some laptop or desktop computers. The more complex smartphones have become has meant that they now cost several hundred dollars which makes them a prime target for a thief. In fact most thieves now prefer to steal a smartphone from a gym locker or car over a wallet or watch because expensive mobile phones are very easy to sell online and offline and the people getting that expensive smartphone at a bargain-basement price will never ask any questions about where it came from. So based on this it's important that you take steps to make sure that your cell phone is protected against theft. The harder you make it to steal and sell your mobile phone the less likely thieves are to take it in the first place. Having your phone insured is no excuse for not taking a few simple steps in terms of keeping your mobile phone secure. All smartphones should have a GPS feature and this is something you should have active at all times because it can really help you track your phone down when it gets stolen. It's also worth noting that your cell phone company usually has a team of people in place that can triangulate the location of a lost or stolen cell phone based on the cell phone mast area it's in right now - just like in some big-budget spy movies. If your smartphone has a Bluetooth function then it's a good idea to disable this until you actually need it - Bluetooth usually provides a potential thief with a backdoor into your phone to steal information, pictures or other data and they can even use it to locate where your phone is hidden. Installing encryption software on your cellphone right now is a great idea because you can never be sure if or when your phone could be stolen. One of our favorite pieces of encryption and security software for Android smartphones is called "Vault" and unless your thief is technically adept they'll never be able to find the encrypted data on that phone. If you want to get serious about keeping your mobile phone safe then you can choose to install some tracking and remote monitoring software on it which allows you to check call history, text message history and you can even view any pictures sent or received from the phone itself. Also because you have your GPS feature enabled on the phone your tracking software can tie in with Google maps to show you exactly which street the thief is living on, or the person responsible for buying your stolen phone. Cell phones are becoming more and more popular for junkies and thieves of all kinds to steal so it's important that you start taking precautions now. There's simply no point in waiting until your phone is taken from you because then it's too late.

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